emily long

roam the field
blackstone, ma

and everywhere


You want to be heard. You want to tell your story through vibrant narratives and eye-catching visuals.

You want to be adored.

Your small business is just a little kumquat right now. It has all the potential in the world to be a watermelon.

You’re just not sure where to start. Let me help.

I recently made the move from city life (NYC/Washington DC) to small-town living (Blackstone, MA). I pair over a decade of marketing experience helping both the big guys and the small guys with my keen eye for composition, a passion for discovering new locations and patience for getting the perfect shot. I am here to help small businesses grow big dreams. Together we will create lifestyle and stylized photos that capture your mission while evoking emotion from your audience. 

Ready to collaborate and make photos together? Need a location scout?  E-mail me - 

P.S - ISO of a second photographer or a photography/videography assistant? I’d love to help!