cherry blossoms @ the jefferson memorial.

cherry blossoms @ the jefferson memorial.

This time last year my mind was focused on the fact that moving to DC was turning into one heck of a personal challenge.  All I could see was the social life, the family, the friends and the city that were now hours away.  It was a reality check.  Mostly because when I started a NYC-to-DC long distance relationship with Matt 3 years prior I had a pretty stubborn perspective on leaving NYC.  Which was that it was never going to happen.  But one moving truck, a million over-loaded boxes and an appropriately sized one-bedroom apartment in Mount Pleasant later, I found myself in a new city I was trying to call home.  And I just didn’t have the mindset for it yet. 

It took me months to realize the opportunity that exists in this city.  A sector that goes beyond politics and even the superior outdoor lifestyle I enjoy. It was the chance to be a part of an emerging artist community (folks, it’s already emerged.).  I found the steps to put myself and my work out there, to meet other photographers, painters, designers (those who do it full time and folks who do it on the side with a dream), and to discover what I convinced myself to start calling my city through my lens. All documented through #roamthedistrict.

Having lived here over a year, I can’t imagine leaving this city, yet.  And while I’m here I want to capture the town the way I see it and share my adventures. 


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