Location Scouting Guides: An Introduction

Main Street in Blackstone, MA

Main Street in Blackstone, MA

The way I’ve gotten to know my surroundings is simple: long, aimless walks and runs (or, now, drives) from point A to a planned point B. I leave my home with no real plan other than some neighborhood or monument in mind. Then I work my way through streets, take wrong turns (sometimes purposeful), and weave my way through an area. If I’m on my feet, I’ll take photos along the way. If I’m behind the wheel, I’ll make mental notes of places to return to or pull over in the moment. These walk/drive-abouts help ground me, teach me short cuts and discover the small details of an area. It’s how I make a town a home - whether it’s a permanent residence or a vacation spot.

I’ve repurposed many of locations I’ve noted on these mini-adventures into places for photoshoots. It’s become an informal roster of perfect spots that comes in handy when the onus of picking a spot for a session falls on my shoulders or when a colleague asks for a recommendation. I find that the location chosen for a shoot is just as important as the available light and gear you have on hand which has inspired me to plan to expand this business into location scouting. With that, I will be passing along the benefit of this ongoing research via location scouting guides on the best photo spots.

So stay tuned! The first one will be focused on a spot in Blackstone, MA - my new, kind-of-sleepy, but photogenic home. In the meantime, let me know if you have any favorite photo spots?