#roamthestone: Blackstone Regional Animal Shelter

Part of my stay-busy strategy has been reaching out to local organizations and offering pro bono work. It works out to a mutually beneficial arrangement. They receive a gallery of professional images and I get to meet new people - or in this case, dogs and cats.

Kevin Sullivan, our area’s animal control and shelter guy, was one of the first to accept my offer to bring over my camera skills and have photo shoots for the pups and kitties that need adopting. I’ve been over to the Blackstone Regional Animal Shelter a few times now. Mostly, we’ve done photos just at the foot of the trail behind the shelter, but yesterday we ventured just a bit further into “the woods”.


The animal shelter shares a lot with the Blackstone Valley Regional Recycling Center and, apparently, the old dump. The dump has since been filled in and is now a pretty, grassyish area with a trail around it. I wasn’t expecting it and was really pleased to have an open space for our mini-photo shoot with the pups.

her name is Gorgeous

her name is Gorgeous

and this is red.

and this is red.

The golden hour light did wonders for highlighting the path and the pure pleasure the dogs experienced over their walks.


I think this spot would be amazing in the snow, but cannot vouch it as a reliable shoot location. It’s not public so you would need to work with Kevin to access the property (the gate is kept locked when the recycling center is closed, from what I can tell) and he mentioned that the space becomes fairly overgrown in the late spring and summer. I’m teaming up with the animal shelter to host a photo shoot fundraiser in the spring. I’ll be taking family portraits of humans and their fur babies at this space and a chunk of the proceeds will go to the animal shelter. Expect an updated post on how it went and if this can become a regular location!

In the meantime, here are a few more puppy photos. I hope they each get scooped up quickly!